Best USSR Star Trek Model Kits


Human’s natural fascination with other worlds other than ours has led to a series of milestones that we look back and appreciate with great awe. The invention of the space ship has given us endless possibilities relating to space travel and discovery. The fascination is also reflected in a number of areas of daily human life including movies and other types of entertainment. We witnessed the rise of popular movie series 2-3 decades ago like Star Trek and Star Wars which often showcase great possibilities of ingenuity through sophisticated spaceships and military equipment. The resulting popularity has also affected the model building world as evidenced in the ever advancing USSR model Kit building industry.

This sub-review will look at the basics of USSR enterprise model building and some outstanding examples that should be a catalyst to your best choice.


The basic building tools are generally the same as other types of building kits as model building is basically a creative exercise that challenges you to use a few basic tools and some peculiarities that come with the package. You will definitely need everything we’ve listed before as the basics including Xacto Knife, glue, the appropriate paint, painting brushes, Sandpaper, Sprue cutters, Masking tapes and other accessories that come with the model kit.

Now let’s continue our exploration and consider the leading USSR Enterprise and Star Trek kits.

Star Trek TNG All Good Things Enterprise D Ship Model

First up on our list is this delightful Star Trek spaceship model that has been enjoying increasing popularity amongst model building enthusiasts. The design reflects the ingenuity and elegance of spaceship physics. It has a lot to offer for the rather hefty price tag as shown on Amazon. Let’s behold the outstanding design and other key features.


Upon completion of assembly, the ship spans an area of 18.5’’x14’’x6’’ and has a total weight of 3.41 pounds. The principal item color is white and it comes with over 250 pieces in total. Additionally, it has a few special features such as a third Warp Narcelle, a separable saucer section, a drive section, and stands. The ship also features functional lights and sounds. When it comes to the batteries, you will need 3AAA batteries to get it up and running. The manufacturers suggest an age range of 12 years and up.



If you are looking for design elegance and a solid build, this is definitely a worthwhile option to put on the shopping list. When put on the scale with its competitors, it seems to stand the fight with the quality of material, ease of assembly and the durability it provides to the avid modeler.



The high end price-tag may throw off most users but an overall Amazon score of 5 starts out of 5 stars should make a great statement in favor of the model. Most comments allude to the devices solid and authentic look along with the array of lights and sounds that make it even more fun especially for children.


Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

Next up on our list is the Star Trek Enterprise Ncc-1701. This model kit proves to be a great addition to the spaceship building world through great design features that have attracted a lot of feedback from current consumers. It is one of the most authentic designs you will ever meet on the market today. Let’s plunge into the fun and see what it has to offer.



The finished model stands with a dimensional combination of 12.6 x 7.5 x 2.4 inches and a corresponding weight of 10.6 pounds. The recommended age is 14 years and up. The design comes with a rather authentic build that should be more than 90 percent similar to the studio models. The package features a highly detailed framework, the starboard engine, spheres, the Narcelle, a dish stems, Photon Torpedo domes and other accessories you can purchase separately.


Probably one of the best Star Trek UUS model kits around. There may be a few reservations relating to the difficulty level in terms of the assembling process but the big picture shows us an impressive build quality that should challenge and hone your model building skills.


The high regard reflects in an Amazon rating of 2.8 stars out of five stars and plenty of positives from the actual consumer reviews. There may be a few mixed views but the overall scores show a general positive attitude to the product.


AMT Star Trek USS Enterprise 1701C 1/1400 Scale Model Kit

Let’s proceed and look at another one of Star Trek USSR Enterprise model kits around, the AMT Star Trek 1701C. If you are an ardent fan of Star Trek and Science fiction in general, this model is a complete fascination. It should be an exciting model to get your hands on and build from scratch.


The completed model stands at 12.9 x 9.4 x 3.9 inches with an accompanying weight of 1.32 pounds. The appropriate skill level is level two which translates to a 10 and above age range. The principle colors are light grey and clear. The feature set includes a stable dome along with a metal support rod. It has an expanded and exceptionally detailed decal sheet. Additionally, it’s highly customizable as you can add some extra features including torpedo launchers, Phase Banks and Nacelles.


This model kit poses a great challenge to most high end Star Trek model kits. It is parked with features that should enrich your creative experience. The build is quite durable and it gives you a beautiful ship at the end of the hard work. Additionally, the price tag is quite reasonable when compared with competing models in terms of quality.


This model clinched a 4.4 rating on Amazon with great feedback quality upon a comprehensive exploration of the customers views. Most comments relate to the beautifully designed and highly detailed framework that make the finishing moments of the model a lot more satisfying than most model kits. The great testimonies tell the whole success story.


Revell Star Trek Voyager

Let us spend the last moments of our Star Trek and USSR model adventure with the Revell Star Trek model kit. This is one stubborn kit when it comes to the starter pack due to the great array of materials it comes with. No wonder it hands managed to earn a considerable number of praises in the model building world. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and what they entail.


The completed model stands with a dimensional profile of 17.2 x 9.8 x 4.4 inches and an item weight of 1.76 pounds. The principle color is white and has an overall design of a sophisticated space voyager. The Kit comes with a complete sheet of decals, front and back sensors, phalanx sensors and maneuvering engines. The model kit also includes generators, Deflectors as well as an array of collectors. Additionally, the space inside is wide enough to engage LED’s and wiring. The recommended age range is 8 years and above.


In general terms, this model is a showstopper and should receive not less than 4.5 stars from any review. The incredible array of features and the highly detailed and beautiful design reflects the ingenuity that comes with space physics. Quite a great design from Revell.


An Amazon rating of 4.5 stars should inspire every ardent model builder to at least try this model at some point in time. Just as we predicted, the products portfolio holds a lot of compliments appreciating the details, authenticity and the fun associated with the model kit.

Building A Model Truck


Having considered some of the best model car kits on the market today let’s spend a few moments and have look at one of the most popular kits in today’s modelling, Semi Truck Model kits. Our review will provide insight on the basic features and then proceed to an outlook on the pros and cons and what other users experience has been like. Let’s get to our first semi-truck model kit.

What you need…

The needs of a semi-truck are quite identical to most model kits. In other words, basics don’t really change though there are a few related changes. Let’s get on board and see what we have in store.


This is an indispensable asset in any model building kit. It is always a must to make sure you get the highest quality otherwise you wouldn’t be wrong to get any building done.

Xacto Knife:

This is another staple in any personal kit. The knife serves multiple purposes from basic scraping to removing of excess parts.

Nail clippers/Sprue Cutters

Sprue cutters supplement the Xacto knife through providing a solution for cutting plastic model sprues. In the case where Sprue cutters are a bit too hard to get, Nail clippers can save the day and perform to near efficiency.


This plays a commendable role in fine tuning the framework in the case where you have gaps and seams. Putty works just perfect in maintaining the integrity of the surface in conjunction with sandpaper and the painting process.


It is hard to imagine modeling without any form of painting. This is what really enables the model to stand out and appeal to the crowd. Always visualize and decide beforehand which color scheme you need and follow through the process in a meticulous way.

Sand paper

Sand paper is the essence of refining and fine tuning of the model parts. It is hard to have a sleek and beautiful surface without the use of sand paper. It exists in different grits which are basically grades of sanding you choose from depending on the degree of molding you need.

Paint Brush/Spray Can.

This is another obvious need as it goes along with the paint. You can opt for a Spray can or a paint brush, it all comes down to your preference. The key is in getting the highest quality you can find. Always go for the most authentic models from manufacturers who have a good track record to show for it. Online review sites come in handy to expose the actual flaws actual users are facing concerning the models.

Having considered the basics, let’s have a moment to consider what we found as remarkable examples of semi-truck model kits. Thousands of models exist on the market and we went on a daring expedition to come up with two examples which show unprecedented class when compared with most of the semi track models on the market.

ERTL International Transtar II Eagle Cabover Truck Model Car Mountain Kit FS AMT

This semi-truck kit has a lot to show for in the features department and the performance seems to be promising upon a comprehensive consideration on the associated reviews. Without much blurb, let us proceed and look at what the package offers to the modeler.


The semi-truck kit features over 200 parts at your disposal and it has white as the principle color. It also features a highly detailed engine along with a chassis and detailed interiors. Additionally, it features expanded and improved decals in a well packaged retro deluxe style.


This truck provides an excellent semi-truck option in terms of overall build and design. The look is pleasing especially after a hard and determined assembly process. The instructions are easy enough to understand thus making the assembly process a breeze. The building material is durable and it goes the extra mile offering incredible wheel accessories. It’s a definite 4.5 out of 5 stars from us.


An expected positive review from current users vindicates any call for a try out on this model kit. A 4 star out of 5 stars isn’t a small achievement at all along with statements citing its impressive usability and durability in a consistent way.

AMT 1/25 Mack Cruise-liner Semi Tractor Plastic Model Kit Amt1062

Next up on our list is the cruise liner semi-tractor kit. This kit represents another one of AMT’s semi-tractor and trailer series masterpiece with a lot of features to appreciate. Let’s get forward and look at the features.


This is basically a 1/25 scale model and it belongs to the advanced skill level. It comes with 280 parts in total with white as the principle color. It also features a tilting cab, vinyl truck tires, an expanded decal sheet and requires paint and cement Tobe purchased separately. The packaging is deluxe in nature and the overall design is highly detailed.


Design wise, it is one of those highly detailed designs in both the exteriors and the interiors. The assembling instructions make it easy enough for any intermediate to advanced modeler and the build quality is exceptional. Going at an e-bay price of 35 dollars, it isn’t exactly an option to ignore as it provides a lot of value to the modeler.


Just like our previous semi-truck model on the list, there seems to be a good reception with much of it owing to the ease of assembly and the durable build. Three main themes came out from our exploration of the reviews and these were the beautiful design, durable build and an exciting assembling experience.

Painting Model Kits



A smooth finish is paramount to producing a high quality paint thus you will need to make sure that this step is never skipped if you want to produce something above average. Great finishing is done under a concentrated light in a room that is darkened. This technique involves focusing light at shallow angles relative to the surface of the eye. This enables you to get a look at minor details that would otherwise be hard to notice in basic lighting.

It’s worth noting that it is important to scrape down any inconsistencies with a knife blade to minimize the risk of sand marks. This is done in conjunction with the use of CA glue to eliminate the associated sinks and holes. For large sized holes and bubbles, it is advisable to use some baking soda into the depression which is then saturated with the CA glue. In addition, it is wise to avoid some putties like squadron brand as it does not dry and shrink completely. Coarse grit sand paper may also not exactly serve a noble purpose.

Upon leveling up the surface and you are satisfied, it is important to redo the frame with fine sanding by using the 800-1000 grit wet or dry sandpaper. This ensures the surface has an exceptionally smooth finish. Furthermore, this lays a good foundation for the primer to anchor to.


Primer is basically a flat paint that has augmented adhesion properties. Gloss paint can be used but it has problems associated with surface tension and basically come with problems holding on to smooth plastic surfaces.

If you embark on giving gloss paint a try, you will notice that the paint tends to separate easily from the edges and clogs up on the inside of the corners leaving you with a car painting nightmare.

Upon finishing of the primer and waiting for it to dry up, it is also advisable to redo the surfacing with a fine emery cloth that helps with removing high spots and nibs. It is important to note that you have to go gentle with the surfacing unless you want to respray the surface over again. After finishing, check the surface under strong light to make sure the details are well taken care of.


This stage involves spraying the color and is probably the most exciting.

The first thing you want to make sure is well taken care of is to employ easy to use and above average quality paint. The Tamya TS Synthetic lacquer is a good example as it supplies an easy to apply, a wide range of colors to play around with and tends to have a great lifespan.

Utilizing an airbrush provides you another great advantage through giving you a lot of versatility and control. It is also a wise thing to do to try and get used to the brush by practicing on some materials you can practice on. This allows you to get accustomed to the paint as different paints have different properties that can surprise you if you plunge head first without having a preview.

Applying the first mist coat is characterized by the focus placed on getting to the hard to reach areas of the model. You don’t necessarily need to cover the whole model but rather pay most of the attention to areas such as wheel wells and underside spoilers.

The next mist coat is the one that should cover all the areas of the car model while making sure that there is uniformity in terms of the density and texture of the covering. This stage may not be able to eliminate all the roughness and it’s still okay because this is well taken care of in the next stage.

This stage is followed by the application of the wet coat which is basically incorporated in to ensure that the surface is smooth. Always make sure that this is done in area with strong light. You can apply another wet coat layer to achieve more smoothness and clarity depending on your personal impression.


This stage involves further smoothening of the surface by means of abrasive papers with progressive grits to the point where all the little inconsistencies are eliminated. Micromesh Emery papers are a good example. They progress through a total of six grits namely: 3200, 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000.

The procedure begins with the coarsest grit and it is done in a circular fashion in about 1 inch diameter circles. Coarser grits remove more material so it is always worth remembering that high spots should be sanded with caution as you may end up disturbing the both the top and color coat.


This stage is really about giving your model the final touch of perfection. To begin with, you squirt a little dab on a piece of cloth which can be anything from an old shirt or a piece of cotton. The application procedure is in essence the same as the one for sanding which employs a circular pattern by going through circles of approximately 1 inch in terms of diameter.

It is also worth noting that the polish is basically liquid sandpaper and it has the potential to compromise the quality of edges. This places the need for extra care when you are going through the process.


It might be that you have gone through a memorable experience witnessing some incredible Die cast car model collection. Perhaps you just want to have a few tips on building award winning die cats car models. Whatever the reason may be, chances are you are keen on getting through the first steps in developing some Die cast car models of your own. Well, we came up with this short article to provide you with some practical tips that can enable you to at least start off on a journey to amazing Die cast car models. Overall, coming up with a Die cast car model is an exciting adventure though it may take a bit of more time to complete something satisfactory. Let’s get forward and explore the first principles relating to building Die cast models.

It all begins with making the right choice in choosing the right building kit for you. The kits are fairly easy to find and can be found at a number of hobby and craft shops. The kits exist in different levels namely: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you are a newbie in this niche, it is appropriate to consider getting the beginners level as it affords you the necessary tools to learn the basics. The intermediate and advanced kits are more suitable for those who have had a fair share of practice and a versed in the peculiarities that come with Die cast model car kits.

The materials you need are determined to large extent by the kind of kit you choose. While some kits offer you with more comprehensive packages including paint, others only afford the basics and let you purchase some of the tools you need separately. If you are looking for more finesse in your build, you can elect to add some more accessories including racing decals, customized rings, tires, racing engines and a myriad others.

Another point worth noting is that you need to have a stock of basic model building supplies despite the fact that they may come as part of the building kit. Often times, you may discover that there isn’t enough of something, for instance, glue and paint. This usually happens when you are up for the best look and need a good number of coats to get the best out of the car. There are good examples for Die Cast cars at less than 5 dollars on the market today which include the Testers Brand found at the Hobby lobby. Other indispensable items you may want to consider on your tool list are the knife, the wax paper and Acrylic for protective coating.

On the last note, it is always wise to learn from other people’s experience to build on your Die Cast car adventures. You can get a lot of reviews based on different Die cast kits on authority sites like Amazon and other popular sites related to model building. This helps to enhance the bigger picture while you are learning some really practical tips on Die Cast model car building.

Building A Model Car


Cars have always been a fascination and this review wouldn’t be complete if we don’t dare to spend a few moments to look at model cars in an exclusive way. We will start by looking at some of the best model car kits for both kids and adults then proceed to one of the hottest topics on the subject, which is, the best practices in painting model cars.


Building car kits has been a perpetual hobby not only for the early years but throughout the lifespan. Yes adults are not spared from this as is shown by the numerous car model exhibitions and contests on the world stage today. Whether you do it as a simple hobby, or has a more serious attitude towards it, we have purposed in this review to provide you with some insights on some of the best car model kits on the market today.

The Revell Monogram Shelby Cobra 427 Plastic Model Kit

This car kit is manufactured by Revell Corporation, and this is one company that has led the car kit manufacturing industry for decades now. It is known for producing affordable and high quality car model kits. Let us consider the highlights of one of their masterpieces.


The kit measures an approximate 6.6×2.9×2.9 inches and has pieces detailed in three principle colors namely: Red, White and Clear. The package incorporates chrome plated parts, four soft tires, an opening hood, a 427 cubic ” engine, side exhaust, and a convertible top. Additionally the set also has waterslide decals that are adorned with cobra markings and racing stripes. When it comes to additional accessories. The set does not include glue and paint.


This is without doubt a top car kit to consider as it has a lot of positives to offer. The package is rich enough to warrant any expenditures and it presents an assembly experience full of fun. The material is durable and eliminates a lot of concern for breaks during the assembly process. It is quite a great option for both adults and kids to explore.


There seems Tobe a general positive response when you take time to look at the Amazon ratings and reviews, with most comments relating to its ease of use and great details. A general rating of 4.1 on amazon isn’t a small achievement at all.

Building A Model Ship


Model ships are also another worthwhile example to consider owing to their popularity in the model building world. Unlike most models, model ships can be a bit complex and challenging thus it is wise to settle for something simpler when you are more of a newbie in model building. Tamiya’s 1/700 is a good example for starters. Let’s begin by looking at the necessary tools you need before you embark on building one.

Exacto knife: This is a valuable tool in the building of any model. It is basically what you use to get rid of seamlines and in some more general cutting.

Plastic clippers: These come in handy when you need to remove the plastic parts from the sprues. In general terms, they help you to save time by allowing you to make cuts closer to the actual part.

Tweezers: Tweezers make sure you work with small parts as comfortable as possible. They allow you to place and hold small parts efficiently.

Straight edge razor blade: These can be used as substitutes for the Exacto knife. They are basically there to allow you cut off plastic and scraping of the seam lines.

Nail Files: These are for removal of seams and also offer a big hand in sanding.

Liquid glues: These come in handy in allowing you to assemble the parts together in a neat way. They offer you better control and don’t give you problems relating to applying excess glue.

Primer: Upon assembling the parts together, you will notice that small gaps on the model can be a big problem. This is where primers or gap fillers come in. One of the most popular gap fillers around is the Tamya gap filler.


An airbrush offers a good helping hand but to be honest, it isn’t an essential component of the kit as basic brushes can do the job pretty well. But in the case that you want to make statement about your seriousness, it can be a good addition to the kit.

Getting started…

The instruction manual is your compass throughout the building process and make sure you go through it enough times to make the building process as easy as possible. Be meticulous and follow the details to the letter as this can make a huge difference in the complexity of the task and overall look. Depending on the design, some kits take a more holistic approach to the building process while as others utilize building blocks or subassemblies to get the ship built. The key to effective building is in following the manual instructions to make sure every tiny detail is in its rightful place.

The painting process

Painting is best done after the overall structure has been built. Other modelers prefer having the painting done on subassemblies which are then joined together afterwards. This is a great technique but sometimes it’s great to concentrate on one aspect of the building process for the best possible results. Another factor that also affects your choice of technique is the type of ship you are building. Some are easier to paint as a whole where as others are easier when you employ the subassembly painting approach.

Painting can be the fine line separating success from failure when building model ship. The ship can have a few constructional flaws but these can easily be overlooked if the painting is outstanding. If you are new in this discipline, always make it appoint to have the best brushes and take care of them as they affect the quality of the painting in a substantial way. Acrylic paints offer a very good option if you are wondering what the best paints can be. In addition to basic painting, make sure you learn and utilize a few weathering techniques to raise the bar of you ships quality. A good example of weathering techniques is the pre-shading technique. Pre shading is just fancy term that reefs to painting your model with a dark color followed by misting the actual color over the dark color. This allows your model to have highlights and shadows that enhance the look of the ship, which is something difficult to have when you go for a mono colored scheme.


Ship rigging is made easy with stretched sprue. In addition stretched sprue can provide an inexpensive option. Stretched sprue is stretchable in multiple widths according to your preference. Perhaps you are new to this, it is basically a process that involves hovering the sprue kit over a flame to soften it. Upon softening, the sprue is stretched from both ends and this leaves you with a thread size length of plastic you can easily manipulate in terms of length and size. Furthermore, liquid glue can easily be applied if there is the need to attach the plastic to other parts.


Crewmen give a lot of authenticity to the overall look of the ship especially when it comes to 1/250th scale ships. There is a French company known as L’Arsenal that manufactures and supplies a great line of crewmen known as resin crewmen. You can look this up on their website if you are thinking of incorporating these in your model.

Mounting the flag…

This often represents the final step in building most models. Some kits package include them as part of the unit while as others may require you to source them separately. It is also worth noting that you may need to check on these before the decision to buy.

Building Model Airplanes

Model airplanes have come a long way since the beginning of this wonderful machine. The ingenuity of displayed by this incredible machine has inspired a lot of fascination in millions which has translated into the models as well. As a modeler, chances are you may fall for this if not already. Let’s have a look at the basics.


The kit usually includes the plan, precise instructions, the balsa and wood required for construction and all the necessary hardware. The hardware includes things such as servo linkages, horns, fuel tanks among others. In essence, the kit comes with everything required to come up with the airframe thus leaving it up to you to worry about extra materials such as covering material, the motors and other accessories.

There are other parts of the plane such as the wing ribs and fuselage formers which may be either pre-cut or clearly marked to assist you with the precision you need when cutting the wood. The package also contains a strip balsa which can be deployed to function as wing spars, fuselage longerons and others.

Balsa is in essence hardwood and it is usually the perfect choice for model aero plane construction due to its incredible strength-to-weight ratio. Thin plywood is also a common choice when it comes to parts of the model that need more solidity, for instance, engine bulkheads and landing gears.


General guidelines

Constructing a model aero plane begins with a plan that is put down on a flat modelling board. The components of the balsa are secured with pins until the glue gets a good grip. This necessitates that the board is soft enough for the pin to go through. There are basically two available materials you can choose for the board. Its either you use thick insulating foam or flat steel sheets that utilize some magnets to keep the parts secured.

Whatever your choice may be, a construction board is about having a completely flat surface to work on otherwise any inconsistencies in the construction board can affect the design of the plane.

There is an array of glues that can be used to construct a solid model and the choice depends on a variety of factors including the type of the joint, the wood and of course some personal preferences. The balsa and associated joints usually require wood glue, aliphatic resins and cyanoacrylate. Two part resin is more appropriate for parts which need a bit more of strength such as the landing gear plates.

Upon having all the parts neatly glued together, it’s time to get the plane sanded to have a smooth finish. In case of any unnecessary holes, you can use a lightweight filler which is then sanded afterwards to achieve consistency in the overall look. In terms of the actual sand papers to use, you can go for fine grade paper like 600 and 800 grit sand paper.

Building the model doesn’t exactly end with sanding, the next step involves covering of the model parts by means of a covering film. The commonest covering material is the heat sensitive film which is usually mounted using an iron. In general, the working mechanism involves melting of the adhesive backing which helps to get the film adhered to the balsa. This is then followed by shrinking of the film on the models coats by means of heat gun or iron. This is without doubt a process that requires some skill to be completed effectively thus necessitating some practice beforehand while making sure the manufacturer’s instructions are being followed to the letter.


If you are looking for something less sophisticated and takes a more traditional approach at airplane building, then the ARF kit is an ideal choice.

As the name suggests, ARFs are almost 90 per cent done. The assembly includes the covering as well and your task is mainly to do some final touches to the frame and mounting of the motor and radio gear. Because of their relative simplicity, ARF kits are quite popular and there is a myriad options on the market today.

The influx of a limitless number of kits means that there are some which are a complete fluke where as others are quite excellent. This necessitates some homework to be done before you splash some cash on anything. Online review platforms like RC Groups and RC universe should provide you with some important clues.


Balsa model planes have taken over the aero plane model building industry for years but Foam ready-to-fly planes are becoming a huge competitor due to the increasing popularity. Foam ready to fly planes are quite a convenient option to consider and in addition to that, they are cheaper when compared to balsa planes. This owes to the fact that it takes a little more to produce a balsa plane kit from manufacturing standpoint. However, foam planes are generally more durable than the balsa planes due to the enhanced resistance of the foam material when the plane takes a few knocks.

Getting Started With Model Kits


Sprues serve the noble purpose of being where the parts of the model come in. It is always wise to clean the sprue and associated parts in water with some soap as this helps in getting rid of the grease that’s left from the model mold. The grease prevents the paint from sticking to the model. The sprue should be labeled letters and each part a number. This goes hand in hand with the instructions as outlined in the models instruction booklet.


Avoid twisting parts from the sprue. This tends to leave some holes in your parts and may render an unpleasant look to your model. The sprue cutters or clippers should be used to cut the parts out.


Upon removing the parts from the sprue, you will need to get to rid of excess plastic. The first step involves scraping the plastic by means of a Xacto knife. This is then followed by sanding it by means of a rough grit sandpaper. It is an often temptation to most builders to ignore this step but this presents fit problems and a less than satisfying look to the model.


In terms of gluing, you will need to use the glue to both parts of the joints. Acetone based cement tends to melt the top layer of the plastic. If you make any unnecessary delays, the melted plastic hardens back. You don’t necessarily need a mammoth amount of glue to let the parts together. It is important to bear in mind that it isn’t exactly the glue that holds the parts of the model together. The melted plastic is the actual bonding catalyst and is capable of forming a formidable joint between the parts.


Gaps are nearly inevitable upon finishing the gluing process. This is where the putty comes in handy as it can easily be used to fill the gaps and give the model a better look. After applying the putty, let it dry and then sand the model to come up with a better look.


If you are looking to go for an extra mile with your model by introducing some paint, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. Always make sure that the area is well ventilated, and you need to put on a respirator because this paint can be dangerous.


A great model primer should always be used and it is important to note that model primer is different from regular primers because it has finer particles. Always avoid painting when the model is gassing out. If the looks of the primer don’t present a dull finish that should be enough to let you know it is ready for painting.

It is also worth noting that you need to swirl the cam as most people come up with a rather poor look because they were shaking the cam during the process of application. Swirling helps you avoid the formation of bubbles in the primer.


If you are up for brush painting, you can get over this step. It mainly applies to spray and airbrush options. The basecoat needs to always be darker than the actual color you want to use on your model. Always make it a point to take care of all the nooks and crannies as this is your shadow. A scale is usually not good enough to produce a good shadow and the base coat assists with giving the shadow more authentic properties.


Upon going through all the necessary steps, you are now prepared to do the painting for the actual color of the model to come out. Allow the base coat to be uncovered in small spaces and this represents the shadow. Let it dry completely as you prepare for the next step.


The scissors come in handy when it comes to cutting out for decals. Always strive to get the cutting close to the edge of the graphics. Concentrating on a single decal at a time, make use of the twizzers hold it down. Following this, dip it into the water and then then leave it alone for 30-60 seconds. The importance of this is that it helps to activate the associated glue. Leaving it in the water makes the glue to disintegrate rendering the decal incapable of sticking. Always make it appoint to keep the targeted area smooth and free of impurities and that the paint and the cue tip are soaked in water. Upon achieving this, getting the decal on is as simple as sliding it off onto whichever area you want it on. A fry cue tip often comes in as a handy tool when sliding the decal into place. Avoid rubbing the decal down, just roll over it with a cue tip as this considerably reduces the risk of having the decal torn. Upon doing this, give the decals a chance to dry up in a typical period of a single day.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Well, these films have drastically changed. Hard to believe that they’re in the same universe.

The first one was “fathomable”. Cloning and creating. The 2nd was interesting as Isla Muerta was suddenly introduced, when we only assumed there was 1 island. That wasn’t horrible either, as it was hunters trying to bag a T Rex along with a crooked company.

Somewhat but it seems there is a giant gap between the 2 films considering this new movie is about capturing Dinos and making them into weapons when The Lost World was about capturing Dinos and putting them in a park in San Diego

The reason why the first 3 Jurassic Park movies looked more realistic was because they used a good balance of cgi and animatronic robots from Stan Winston studios. Now the movies are all cgi.

Its like first one was cool, making a dinosaur park. Then it fail. Second one was hunters wanting to bring dinosaurs from the second island to sell. T. rex got loose and hunters plans got ruin. 3rd one was about missing kid. And again someone stole egg to sell to rich people or military. Forgot which one. That failed. World is about park finally becoming successful but people got bored and military again want dinosaurs as weapons. That failed. Do these people ever learn? Guess not cuz here come again making a dinosaur to become a weapon.

Let’s be honest… even in the original movies (including the first one) the story line was never really the strongest part of the series. As kids 99.9% of us had no clue what was even happening lol. All we cared about was dinosaurs! It was the first movie to bring us dinosaurs we swore were real! Let’s not forget all the fun toys that came with it. A few months back I rewatched the older ones and I noticed how bad the script were. How horrible the acting was and yet I still found myself feeling like a kid when dinosaurs took over my screen. So we get it… some of you arent too excited. But don’t argue with the ones that are!

Some say it’s like the lost world. Where if they went back to the old park and focused on that it would of been like the other older movie. There isn’t much to do with it mirroring a previous jurrasic park flick.